Building Up Our Church ~ 53% The faith of our current and future church is strengthened when we invest our generosity in religious education, sacramental preparation, hospital ministries, diaconate formation, and prison ministry. This investment also encourages seminarians to pursue with faith and confidence their vocation knowing that the faithful are providing spiritual and financial support. Grants are also given to Catholic Charities. Like every diocese in the nation, our Diocese recognizes the importance of supporting the church throughout the world. We fulfill our responsibility to the universal church by providing annual payments to the Colorado and United States Catholic Conferences, as well as the Holy See. Maintaining our Diocesan properties with insurance plans, legal transactions and upkeep of all facilities is vital to preserving and providing a fiscally sound diocese.

Support of Clergy ~ 33 % Supporting our current and retired clergy is a fundamental obligation of the Diocese. Those who pastor our parishes deserve educational enrichment, supplemental retirement support, and medical and long-term life care. Engagement in inculturation programs for our expanding numbers of international priests is essential.


Reaching Out to Others ~ 11 % Attending to the needs within our diverse church communities is at the heart of sharing resources. and international organizations to funding Catholic communications, we fulfill our responsibility to grow the Universal Church. The Tribunal Office is an Ecclesiastical court which handles marriage cases and also provides guidance pertaining to other matters of Canon Law.

DMF Administration & Campaign ~ 3% Our Diocese covers the cost of designing and printing all DMF appeal material and then provides those tools to every parish. The DMF office also administers the collection designs, prints and provides DMF campaign material to every parish and administers the collection of DMF funds.